William Jackson and Grainne Hambly - Music From Ireland and Scotland

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(September 2009) 12 tracks (47 mins): Air: Eibhli Gheal Chiuin ni Chearbhaill * Reels: Da Thabh Air an Fharaidh / Da Foostra * Air & Jig: Mull of the Mountains / Drummond Castle * Air & Reels: Cam Ye By Atholl? / Eliza Ross's / A'chubhag * Lady Keith's Lament / Breton Gavotte * Air: Dermot O'Dowd * Reels: Sporting Nell / The Hairy Chested Frog * MacCrimmon's Lament / Brosna Slide * Air: Appomattox * Air & Scottish Dance: Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh / Drunk At Night Dry In the Morning * Harp Piece & Reel: Celia Connellan / The Rectory Reel * Slip Jig: Aoibhneas Eilis Ui Cheallaigh.

The considerable talents of two master harpers - Scotland's William Jackson (harps, whistles, bouzouki, laud) and Ireland's Grainne Hambly (harp, concertina) - are combined to superb effect in these mainly traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland.

A masterclass in the harp music of Scotland and Ireland.

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