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12 Tracks: One For The Folks * Radio Reels: Off The Ball / The Professor / Take The "Bow" Duncan * La Petronne * Canadian Barn Dance: MV Hebridean Princess / Eden Court / The Theatre Of The Highlands * A Celtic Journey * Gay Gordons: Gordon Shand's Journey / The Directing Dame Of Inverness * Memories Of Margaret * 6/8 Marches: The MacIver Family Of Comrie / Jimmy And Gwyneth Jack Of Newcome Castle * Reels: The Wee Boy Marshall / The Morning Sun / The Broadcasting Box Player / CMac's Fancy Washboard * Mon Ami Shuie * The Competition Set: A March For Ian / Devil's Delight / Done And Dusted * Strip The Willow: The Sound Of Slate Room / Grant Hits 30 / Archie McAllister's Jig / Nae Bother.

The latest album from multi-instrumentalist Will Marshall who is based in Fife.

'Destination Home' features original compositions written by Will during 2020 and demonstrates his unique musical talent as a composer and musician.

The album showcases a variety of Celtic, ceilidh, traditional and French music.

Will is joined by some stalwarts of the music scene.

Will Marshall (lead accordion, piano, bass, string arrangements, and additional samples), Ian Muir (2nd accordion), Archie McAllister (fiddle), Ade McKenna (guitar), Rory Grindlay (drums), and Tom Oakes (whistle).

" This album is packed to the brim with self-penned tunes and each track is a pleasure to listen to. Will's career to date is the stuff of dreams for many aspiring musicians and he continues to strive for greatness in every aspect of his life. He is an inspiration to us all and I am proud to call him a friend. Enjoy!." Gary Innes, BBC Radio Scotland and Manran.

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