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NTSC only (US/Can)

Region: 0 (worldwide)

(November 2016)

This music documentary film features Aidan Moffat and Sheila Stewart.

Paul Fegan's first feature documentary follows Scottish cult-pop raconteur and former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat as he tours Scotland in 2014, performing his modern re-interpretations of old folk songs.

It was meant to be a tour that celebrated communities and lore. But just before they hit the road, Moffat met Sheila Stewart: a 79-year-old force of nature, the last in a line of travelling folk royalty, and a balladeer whose life – and unexpected death, in 2014 – upturned Moffat’s folk assumptions, and diverted the course of Fegan's film.

The ensuing film is a warm-hearted journey through music, mortality, landscape and time. It's also a moving, wry and enlightening depiction of two of Scotland's most distinct and vital voices, as they cross paths (and words): Moffat believes Scotland's oldest songs are ripe for re-working against a contemporary urban backdrop. Stewart does not.

Sheila Stewart MBE (1935­2014) was Scotland's definitive ballad singer. A storyteller and traveller who was born in a stable in Blairgowrie, she honed her voice while berry picking in Perthshire, sang for the Pope and performed in the White House, and her tales and songs and lore found friends in the likes of Hamish Henderson, Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl. In the foreword to Stewart's 2011 autobiography, A Traveller’s Life, storyteller Jess Smith called Stewart “the vibrant heart of Scotland’s travelling folk”.

Aidan Moffat is one of Scotland’s most distinctive musical and literary voices. A compelling performer, lyricist, author and storyteller, the former Arab Strap singer won 2012's Scottish Album of the Year Award for his collaboration with Bill Wells, Everything's Getting Older. His latest album with Bill Wells, The Most Important Place In The World, was released last year.

Main Feature 75mins

Bonus Scenes: Faslane / Re-enacting The Bruce / Iain's Cattle Swim /Sheila & Belle Stewart / Loch Ness Myth / Sheila Talks Conyach / Cullerlie Sing Along / Iona Fyfe / Aidan & James Visit The Loch Ness Centre.

Suitable only for persons of 15 and over.

"If there's a better Scottish film this year, I'll eat my novelty Nessie hat" The Times.

"Aidan Moffat made his name as the singer in the indie band Arab Strap. Latterly, he has become fascinated by his Scottish musical heritage. This nimble little film follows his mission to repurpose timeless folk songs and bring them to the swilling city streets. Like Moffat’s project, the film is affectionate, playful and irreverent in spirit. But it becomes something else altogether, something affecting and profound, when folk legend Sheila Stewart appears. She staunchly disapproves of Moffat's appropriation of the songs she has spent her life performing. And she argues her point in the best way possible – on stage, unaccompanied, belting out a ballad with a force as primal as the sea she sings about." Wendy Ide - The Guardian.

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