The Western Australia Police Pipe Band - Off Duty

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(August 2004) 12 tracks: Dream Catcher / George Sherriff / Highland Fur Trader / Eagle of the Light * Protect and Serve / Donald McLeod * Scatterbrain / The Glayva Kid / The Village Idiot / Back in Black / The Treadmill / The Biscuit Reel * No Mans Land / Anzac Cove / Road to Krithia / Over the Top / The Chain of Folly * Tripping up the Stairs / Jig O’Slurs / Donald Camerons Powder Horn / The Atholl Highlanders * Flower of the Forest / Mingulay Boat Song * Highland Wedding / Maggie Cameron / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran * The Drum Corps - Off Duty * Top Deck in Perth * Steam Train to Mallaig * The Hamster * The Dirty Lough / The Boys of the Lough / Emancipation.

Formed in 1966, the band perform throughout the state of Western Australia representing the Western Australia Police Service. The band participates in many community initiatives as well as performing concerts at various locations.

They have participated in Tattoos in Australia - Hobart, Tasmania, Melbourne and Adelaide - and have also taken part in Tattoos in the UK - Royal Tournament, Colchester Searchlight Tournament and The Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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