Scottish Tradition Series Vol 18 - Clo Dubh, Clo Donn

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(May 2001) 18 tracks: Ghuidhinn slan don ribhinn (Uisdean MacRath) * Cha tèid mi do dh'fhear gun bhàta (Peanaidh Mhoireasdan) * Mur bitheadh na bha chrodh agad (Seasaidh NicCoinnich) * I ri iu o ro leannain (Aonghas Coinneach Macloimhair) * s Am maistreadh a bh'aig Moire (Mairi Chaimbeul, bean Mhic Colla) * A fhleasgaich uir leanainn thu Tighinn air a' mhuir (Kitty agus Marietta NicLeoid) * Chuirinn mo ghiollan (Ceit, bean MhicDhomhnaill) * a Thig an smeorach as t-Earrach (lain MacDhomhnaill) * Ho Ro na Cuir Cul Rium (Seonaidh MacAnndrais) * O 's mis' tha cianail faillinneach (Gilleasbaig Mac a' Chlèirich) * Ci 'n fhidheall (Anna Arnott) * Griogal Cridhe (Seasaidh NicCoinnich) * Anna NicLeoid (Calum Camshron) * Mhic larla nam bratach bana (Floraidh NicNeill agus Calum Maclain) * Maighleas Men na Guailne Eadar-I-gharradh (Seumas MacDhomhnaill) * B'fhearr leam fhin gum beireadh an tèile, Gealbhodaich sa Bheinn Duibh (lain MacAonghais agus lain MacLeoid) * Ceann Traigh Ghruinneard (Uilleam MacMhathain) * Gaol an t-seoladair (Peigi Mhoireasdan).

Translations: I Would Wish Health to The Girl (Hugh MacRae) * I Will Not Go With a Man Who Has No Boat (Penny Morrison) * If It Weren’t For Your Wealth of Cattle (Jessie MacKenzie) * Sweetheart, A Heavy Burden is Love (Angus K. MacIver) * Mary’s Churning (Mary MacColl) * Fine Young Man (Citty and Marietta MacLeod) * I’d Send My Laddie To Drive The Sheep (Mrs. Kate MacDonald) * The Thrush Comes in Spring (John MacDonald) * Horo, Do Not Turn Your Back On Me (Johnny Anderson) * Oh, Sad And Frail Am I (Archibald Clark) * Hand Me The Fiddle (Annie Arnot) * Beloved Gregor (Jessie MacKenzie) * Annie MacLeod (Calum Cameron) * Son of The Earl of White Banners (Calum Johnston and Flora MacNeill) * Big Myles of Gulainn (James MacDonald) * I Wish The Other Pullet Would Lay (John MacInnes and John MacLeod) * At The Head of Gruinard Strand (William Matheson) * On A Summer Sunday Evening (Peggy Morrison).

Gaelic song by various renowned Gaelic singers. Selected from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies.

The extensive CD booklet (included) contains both the Gaelic and English lyrics and background information (see below).

Previously only available on cassette. It appears at the suggestion of the Gaelic Language Promotion Trust.

The Scottish Tradition Series consists of a selection of material previously held in the archives of Edinburgh University's School of Scottish Studies.

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