Celtic Collections vol 13 - The Music and Song Of Edinburgh

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(November 2008 re-release of 1995 recording) 21 tracks (60 mins): Links of The Forth - The Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe Band * Deacon Brodie (song) - Robin Laing * Capernaum (song) - Ed Miller * Canongate Set (song) - Linties * Holyrood House (instrumental) - Brian McNeill & Iain MacKintosh * Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (song) - Janet Russell & Christine Kydd * The Lion Wallace Saw (song) - The McCalmans * Sandy Bell's Man (song) - Fiona Forbes & Ian McCalman * Festival Lights (song) - The McCalmans * Duchess of Edinburgh (pipe tune) - Gordon Duncan * Caller Oysters (poem) - Robin Laing * Waitin' On a Bus (song) - Linties * Mallie Lee (song) - The McCalmans * The Black Swan Set (instrumental) - Brian McNeill & Iain MacKintosh * Edinburgh Town (song) - Ed Miller * The Flowers of Edinburgh (instrumental) - Lindsay Porteous * Waly Waly (song) Fiona Forbes & Ian McCalman * Willie's Gane Tae Melville Castle (song) - Stephen Quigg * The Union Canal (song) - Robin Laing * Edinburgh (song) - Ian Bruce * The Auld Toon Shuffle (song) - The Easy Club.

A collection of music, song and one poem from Edinburgh by Scotland's finest artistes.

With some track changes and a new running order this very popular album (previously CDTRAX090) is re-released on the Greentrax Celtic Collections Series as vol 13.

The album has been brought up to date with the substitution of some recent and previously unavailable recordings, while the running order was altered to make the new release a much more balanced compilation.

Some of the songs catalogue important historical events while others paint a picture of the many interesting aspects of the City and others are simply humorous observations. There are also some fine instrumental pieces played on pipes, fiddle, concertina and the unusual Jaw Harp.

This is a very listenable album and a lasting musical memory of a visit to Edinburgh.

"A genuine attempt to gather a collection of material that reflects the rich musical and cultural history of Edinburgh." (Q Magazine)

"A tribute to Edinburgh's impressive music scene" (Sing Out, USA)

"A wistful reminder of the grand old town" (Dirty Linen, USA)

"Not only salutes a musically gifted city but a culturally rich one" (John O'Regan)

"Tourists and locals alike will lap this up" (Sunday Post)

"Another immaculate Greentrax production" (Living Tradition)

"…..where quality control has been in overdrive" (Fife Free Press)

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