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(October 2011) 11 tracks: CD1: Prelude * The Angel Of Death (Stanley Robertson) * The Baobab Tree (Mara Menzies) * The Piper And The Maker (Mairi Campbell) * The Curious Girl (Michael Williams) * Silver Dust Gold Dust (Mio Shapley).

CD2: Finn And The Hero's Children (Claire McNicol) * O Are Ye Sleeping Maggie (Stanley Robertson) * Black Hair (Marion Kenny) * Mees Kees (Lawrence Tulloch) * Nanabush And The Butterflies (Chuck Warren).

A selection of folktales that have been dramatised by original soundtrack. The words and music together evoke vivid images and emotions.

The albums explore and celebrate the musicality of the human voice and include two ballads.

The storytellers come from all four corners of the globe, but all the performers live and practice their art in Scotland.

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