Vic Gammon And Friends - Early Scottish Ragtime

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(September 2016)

15 Tracks: Bob Chadduck's Jig * Old Man's Dance / Tom Brigg's Jig * Billy The Kid's Jig / Hole In The Wall * Hey Daddy * The Aird Set * The Marquis of Carmarthen's Birthday / The Collier's Daughter * The Pig Set * Oakland Garden * Barley Cake / The Bush * The Hoop Set * Jenny's Whim / Jenny's Delight * Get On The Train * Sherburn Castle / I'll Be Married * In The Woodpile / Hell On The Wabash * Geordie Favourites Set: Whole Hog Or None / On The Road To Brighton / Nelly Gray.

Proto-Ragtime and American Dance Tunes in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This CD presents American dance tunes that came to Britain as well as some tunes from England and Scotland that in their rhythmic quality seem to pre-figure ragtime music.

The unifying theme of this CD is syncopation, the significant characteristic of Ragtime. Ragtime came to public notice in the 1890s in America and, within months, Europe, too, fell under its spell.

There were none of today's mass media methods of communicating music yet it spread like wildfire. As shown by the tunes in this collection, syncopation had existed in traditional tunes since at least the eighteenth century.

Dr Vic Gammon recently retired from being Senior Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music, but continues to be a guest member of staff at Newcastle University.

Vic Gammon (concertina, tenor banjo and mandolin), Sandra Kerr (concertina), Stewart Hardy (fiddle), Desi Wilkinson (flute), Dan Walsh (5-string banjo), Steve Harrison (harmonica), Cecilia Winterbottom (bass), Sam Robson (piano).

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