The Robert Burns Collection - The Words

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20 tracks: Rantin Rovin Robin * Of A The Airts The Wind Can Blaw * O My Luve's Like A Red Red Rose * Mary Morison * A Man's A Man * Death And Dr Hornbook * Epistle To Dave, A Brother Poet * Holy Willie's Prayer * The Cotter's Saturday Night * Tam O'Shanter * Green Grow The Rashes * Address To The Unco Guid Or The Rigidly Righteous * To A Mouse * Twa Dogs * To A Louse * Willie Wastle Dwalton Tweed * Lass That Made The Bed To Me * Ae Fond Kiss * Auld Lang Syne * Elegy on the Death of Robert Ruisseaux.

Recited by Tom Fleming, best known as 'the Voice of the BBC' at state occasions.

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