A Scottish Evening

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(1993) 18 tracks (49 mins): O'er the Sea / Lad Wi' the Plaidie / Troy's Wedding (Jim Johnstone and his Band) * Over the Sea to Skye (Mary Cameron) * The Muckin ‘o' Geordies Byre / Glasgow Gaelic Club / The Fairy Dance / Ken Muir's Up and Awa' (Jim Johnstone accordion) * Mairi's Wedding (Mary Cameron) * MacKilmoyles Reel / Turkey in the Straw / Mitton's Breakdown / The Blue Mountain Reel (Marie Fielding fiddle set) * Annie Laurie (Bill Torrance) * The Laird o' Drumblair / The Mason's Apron (Jim Johnstone accordion) * Mid Lothian Pipe Band / Earl of Earl / Battle of the Somme / The Scottish Horse (Jim Johnstone and his Band) * Loch Maree (Mary Cameron) * Victoria Hornpipe / The Poppy Leaf / Kirk's Hornpipe (Marie Fielding fiddle set) * Dashing White Sergeant / The Rose Tree / My Love She's but a Lassie Yet (Jim Johnstone and his Band) * Saturday Dance (Mary Cameron) * Cock o' the North / Drum Solo / Amazing Grace / Gillie Callum / Scotland the Brave (Pipes and Drums) * The Dark Island (Mary Cameron and Bill Torrance harmonica) * Lovat Scouts / Roaring Jelly / My Home / De'il Amang the Tailors (Jim Johnstone and his Band) * Land for All Seasons (Mary Cameron) * Loch Lomond (Mary Cameron and Bill Torrance) * A Man's a Man / Will Ye No' Come Back Again / Auld Lang Syne (Mary Cameron and Bill Torrance).

Scotland is known far and wide for the majesty of its landscapes and the beauty of its song. Traditional Scottish melodies and lyrics have, for centuries, travelled abroad and become part of the culture of many other great nations. When people visit any part of Scotland it is possible to experience this music in the form of an evening's entertainment with food, dancers and musicians.

On this CD we have recorded the music from several such performances at The King James Thistle Hotel in Edinburgh. So sit back and enjoy ‘A Scottish Evening' with songs sung by Bill Torrance and Mary Cameron, the fiddle of Marie Fielding, the pipes and drums of Harry McNulty and William Goodal and the music of Jim Johnstone and his Band.

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