The Power of Scotland

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(October 2002) 17 tracks (65 mins): Caledonia (Frankie Miller) * Hector the Hero (Wolfstone) * The Gael (Massed Bands, Pipes, Drums, Choir from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo) * Scotland My Homeland (Eliza Gilkyson) * Slangeva (The Grants) * Alasdair MhicColla (Mary Sandeman) * Scots Wha Ha'e (Jim Nicol and the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra) * Always Argyll (Valerie Dunbar) * Ae Fond Kiss (Mary Sandeman) * Flowers of the Forest (Isla St Clair) * Highland Cathedral (Massed Bands, Pipes, Drums of the Army Regiments) * The Flower of Scotland (Brora) * Will Ye No' Come Back Again? (Dalriada) * When The Pipers Play (Isla St Clair) * Ye Jacobites By Name (Dalriada) * Auld Lang Syne (The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra) * Amazing Grace (Massed Bands, Pipes, Drums, Choir from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo).

As advertised on Scottish TV.

The power of Scotland - Celticism, mysticism, rural mythology and urban dreams - has possibly never been stronger than it is today. The power of music is also strong, and so easily accessible now, and the two together are a formidable force.

Scotland’s music has been loved by many generations * the drawing-room ballads, the pipes and drums, the wild Celtic rock, the gentle Gaelic airs. On this album, a wide selection of well-loved anthems from all these musical types is gathered.

Featuring Frankie Miller, Wolfstone, the Massed Bands, Pipes, Drums and Choir from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Eliza Gilkyson, The Grants, Mary Sandeman, The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Valerie Dunbar, Isla St Clair, the Massed Bands, Pipes, Drums of the Army Regiments, Brora and Dalriada.

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