Celtic Soul

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(May 2005) 11 tracks: Voice of the Land - Acid Croft Mix (The Iron Horse) * Slow Marches: Cumha’s Chuilein (Lament for the Dog) / Jimmy’s Tune (Chris Armstrong) * The Bonnie Earl O’Moray (Old Blind Dogs) * Da Mushroom Hoose: Ale is Dear / John Brosnana (Drop the Box) * Oran Canntaireachd (Chris Armstrong) * Hardington Mains (Angus Lyon) * The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein (Canterach) * Farewell to Fiunary (Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister) * Miss Thomson (Steve Lawrence and Hudson Swan) * Trip to Pakistan: Glen Kabul / The Trip to Pakistan / The Fourth Floor (Old Blind Dogs) * The Bells of Dunblane (Pipin’ Hot).

A compilation featuring artists from the KRL label.

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