The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band - Back To The Future

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Region: 1 & 2

(October 2006) 24 tracks (1h 30 mins) including: Air and Jigs: Karl Be Grosse / Joiner Extraordinaire / Caber Feidh * Air, Strathspeys and Reels: The Highland Clearances / Craig a’Bhodich / Fiddler’s Joy / Fleshmarket Close / The Happy Onion Chopper * Air: Novice Juvenile Band (featuring Wolfstone) - El Torques * Reels: Andy Renwick’s Ferret / The Fourth Floor * 6/8s: Novice Juvenile Band and Grade 1 Band - Bonnie Dundee / Cock O' The North / Blue Bonnets * Air and Jig (featuring Wolfstone): Balandran Air / Balandran Jig * Jigs: The Panda / The 98 Jig / The Famous Baravan * Air (featuring Wolfstone): McPherson’s Lament * Drum Fanfare: Extracts from The Ballymena Fanfare * Marches: Willie Grey / Auchany Glen * Hell Pipes (featuring Wolfstone): Hell Pipes * Strathspeys and Reels: J F McKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway / Sabhal Mor Astaig / Yorkshire Brite / Little Cascade * Hornpipes: Wee Man from Skye / Train Journey North / Crossing the Minch * Air and Reels: Sleeping Tune / The Thin Man / Break Yer Bass Drone / The High Drive * Suite: Last of the Mohicans / Miracle Creek / Callum’s Mohican * Hornpipe and Reels (featuring Wolfstone): Zeto the Bubbleman / Breton Port a’Beul / The Auld Fiddler.

The Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, recorded live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for DVD.

Also featuring the Novice Juvenile Band and Celtic rock group Wolfstone on several tracks.

"In this special Centenary year for the band, it was an honour and a privilege to play once again on the stage at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. In putting together this concert, the idea was not only to reflect back on moments in our history and honour past players and composers, but also to look forward to a bright future. It seemed fitting that we chose a title to mirror this concept. We have always prided ourselves on playing material which we enjoyed, and as a direct result we have often received the reputation over the years as being 'innovative' - where many of the tunes were simply traditional tunes played in a contemporary style, arranged alongside much newer material." (P/M Andy Renwick)

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