Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

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(June 2013) 10 tracks: Les Barricades Mysterieuses * Allemande * Spanish Dance * Goldberg * Gnossienne #1 * Prelude * Nigra Sum * Pange Lingua * Chaconne * Les Barricades Mysterieuses (baritone guitar).

Top guitar master Tony McManus explores classical music in this album and demonstrates the diversity of his repertoire.

Tony McManus turned professional just over ten years ago and since then he has toured the world and already has a massive following.

He is recognised as one of the most prominent and innovative guitarists in the traditional Celtic genre, this release departs from his normal idiom and enters with dexterity the world of classical music.

A collection of classical pieces from a variety of composers including Bach, Monteverdi, Satie, Couperin and Granados.

"....but my hope is that whatever the path, the destination - the emotional content of the music - is the same. Maybe the boundaries between genre are more porous than might first be apparent." Tony McManus, Toronto 2013.

"To sum up Tony McManus? A fantastic musician and a wonderful entertainer who plays music for the love of his instrument and to bring joy to the ears of those around him. Whether you are a connoisseur of Celtic, Folk, classical or just like music because you like it (much like myself), you would do well to check out Tony at a live show and just watch him work magic on the strings." (Toronto Social Review).

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