Tony McManus And Julia Toaspern - Live In Concert

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(June 2019)

15 Tracks: Rolling Waves / Martin Wynne's #1 * Bonnie Jean * Breton Waltzes * Kiltyclogher Jigs * Through The Gates * Penny * The Maids Of Mitchelstown * Amarilli * Manha de Carneval * Ton Of Bricks * Moustambeiko * Chapman's * Drumleman * Asturian Tunes * Star Of Munster Set.

An excellent collaborative album from leading Celtic guitarist Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern a multi-talented musician from Berlin.

They recorded this 'live' album on a German tour in early 2019.

Their twin guitar treatment of traditional music is unique and each supports the other in exploring the harmonic possibilities of these old, and not so old, tunes.

Tony McManus a master of his craft has been listed as one of the 50 transcendental guitarists of all time by Guitar Player Magazine. While Tony is known as a soloist his frequent collaborations with diverse musicians have always been a significant part of his work. He has recorded several albums for Greentrax.

Julia Toaspern is a multi-talented musician from Berlin who combines classical training on violin and voice with a wide interest in genres such as jazz, baroque and traditional music. She has released two albums of original songs and performed in both classical and singer/songwriter modes on both sides of the Atlantic. On top of all this her skills as a guitarist are prodigious and make an exciting fit with Tony’s work.

Tony McManus (guitars, vocals, Julia Toaspern (guitars. fiddle. vocals).

"breath-taking duets..." German Folker Magazine.

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