Tony McManus and Alain Genty - Singing Sands

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(March 2005) 10 tracks: Dr Stan Chapman's Jig / The Islay Ranter's Reel / Whissahickon Drive * Desert Dance * The Hungry Rock * Marche / Phoenix / Taimse im Chodladh * Pamela Rose Grant / The Ewie Wi' the Crooked Horn / The Scolding Wives of Abertaff * The Dusty Miller / The Silver Slipper / Willie's Fling No. 2 * The Last Dance * Da Day Dawn / Christmas Day In The Morning * Le Petit Encrier * Ton Ma Var / Melen Aour.

Tony McManus, now regarded worldwide as one of the leading exponents of the acoustic guitar, joins forces on this latest project with the incredible French fretless bass guitarist Alain Genty - forming a duo to be reckoned with. The album contains an eclectic mix of tunes from Cape Breton to Scotland and Brittany to the Balkans, with 'class' stamped all over it.

The musical meeting of Tony McManus and Alain Genty grew from a project in 1996 when they were part of the rhythm section of a twelve-piece ensemble. The duo's shared passion for the traditional music of Brittany initially brought them together and continues here, propelling their exploration of music of various Celtic lands and beyond. Singing Sands reflects the natural harmony of the acoustic guitar and fretless bass - ingenuity and powerful rhythms at their best.

The album was recorded at Studio Rien A Voir, Paris, and mixed by Alain Genty at Studio Ternaux, Paris. The Singing Sands is the name of a beach in The Bruce Peninsula Park, Ontario, Canada, where the front cover photo was taken.

The fourth Tony McManus album released by Greentrax. Tony plays a Melville 000TM guitar and Alain plays a DNG bass guitar, both using D'Addario strings. Alain also adds percussion and plays synthesizer on the album.

"A talent second to none. Tony is one of the most listenable guitarists around" (Phil Cunningham)

"The best Celtic guitarist in the world [Tony]" (John Renbourn)

"Genty, perhaps the top bass player in Paris, is in demand on the world music circuit and he strikes big bold notes." (Maverick)

"Genty's electric bass is the perfect foil" (The Living Tradition)

"World-class guitarists... The pace and intensity is right up there" (Roots Review)

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