Tom Ward - Cobbled Together

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April 2023

14 tracks: Si Bheag Si Mhor / Planxty Irwin / The Munster Cloak / The Kerry Slide * She Moved Through The Fair * Nancy / Sir John Fenwick * Jamie Rayburn * Hector The Hero / Hector The Hero * The Frost Is All Over / Off To California / The Rakes of Kildare / The Drops of Brandy * McCrimmond’s Lament / My Home * Ian and June Green - The Golden Years * O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir * The Cradle Song / The Rowan Tree / The Rowan Tree / Lord Lovat’s Lament * The Lark in The Clear Air / The Mountains of Pomeroy * The Boat Songs: The Mingulay Boat Song / The Tay Boat Song / The Skye Boat Song * The Flo’er O’ The Quern / Sandy’s Goat / Madame Bonaparte / The Scholar * The Dill Pickle Rag.

Tom Ward is a highly-regarded musician in the Scottish folk scene where he is a leading exponent of the concertina.

On this album, Tom plays the concertina, guitar, small pipes and whistle.

Brian Miller guests on guitar on one track.

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