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(March 2015)

10 Tracks: Rufty Tufty * La Rotta * Slow Jigs * Buffoon * Cobbler's * Elvin * Fair Play * Gall Bladder * Cheshire * Fast Dance.

An impressive debut album, contemporary and broad based from fiddle master, Tom Kitching.

This CD captures an English tradition that is open to the world, confident, and comfortable with the journey.

Well known as one half of the successful duo with Gren Bartley and his work with the group Pilgrims' Way... Tom ventures out on his own.

A deeply personal project, a musicial journey and an aim to capture the state of the English instrumental tradition and define the role of the fiddle within it.

Tom Kitching (fiddle), Marit Fält (Latmandola), Freya Rae (flute, clarinet), Kim Molyneux (percussion).

Also featuring: Lisa Watchorn (cello), Andy Cutting (melodeon), Jon Loomes (hurdy gurdy), Kieran Markham (throat singing).

"Tom Kitching is one of the best English fiddlers ever – he plays with fire and gusto, energy, intelligence and feel – takes English folk music by the scruff of the neck and sends it off laughing and dancing and having a good time, The more I listen to this album the more it grows on me - Damn good stuff." Mike Harding.

"With his insistent, attacking technique and a brilliant ear for arrangement, Kitching has brought an adventurous, almost indie sensibility to English folk fiddle playing. A beautiful, enthralling debut." The Sunday Express.

"It’s an iridescent collection of fiddle tunes running the spectrum of traditional dance to vivid and expansive innovation." Folkwords.

"An outward facing, forward looking English music album." Tom Kitching.

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