Tom Fairnie - Lightning In The Dark

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(May 2020)

12 Tracks: Isn't That The Way ? * If You Go West * Sleeping On The Streets Of New Orleans * No One Knows The Night * Lightning In The Dark * The Only Things I Ever Cried About * Better Times * Give Me The Good Times * Lightning All Over Sunnyland * A Quiet Life * The Winter Of '72 * Liberty.

Latest album from prolific Scottish songwriter Tom Fairnie.

This album was produced and engineered in Austin, Texas by Grammy nominated producer, Merel Bregante, it features musicians who have played alongside Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Jackson Browne.

Tom co-writes with fellow poet Bob Shields and together they produce the words that Tom’s melodies provoke.

Tom writes across genres but it was his fondness for Americana and the obvious connections between it and Scottish folk music that gave rise to this particular mixture, which Merel christened, Celticana.

Sleeve notes include song lyrics.

Tom Fairnie ( guitar, vocals), Mark Epsein (bass), Mike Dorrien (lead guitar), Dirje A Childs (cello), Merel Bregante (drums, percussion), Cody Braun (fiddle, mandolin, harmonica), Dave Pearlman (dobra, pedal steel), Paul Brown (banjo), John McEuen (banjo), Gary West (whistle, pipes), Michael Jesionowski (soprano sax), David Webb (organ, keyboard, accordion), Brian J Kalinec (second acoustic guitar), Bernard Brogue (second acoustic guitar), Graham Whyte (second acoustic guitar. stick dulcimer), Merel Bregante, Paul brown, Sarah Pierce, Karen Dietz, Gracie Brill, Jane Fairnie, Madelaine Cave (background vocals, harmony).

"An absolute gem of an album. If you love Americana seek out Tom Fairnie's Lightning In The Dark. You will not be disappointed." Darren Johnson (Darren's Music Blog)

"An album of depth, one that is beautiful and haunting, yet abundantly creative, Lightning In The Dark is a source of musical power." Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision.

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