Tim Kliphuis Trio - The Grappelli Album

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(March 2014)

14 Tracks: Honeysuckle Rose * I Surrender Dear * Valse Du Passe * How High The Moon * La Chanson De Rue * Piccadilly Stomp * J'Attendrai * Ou Es-Tu Mon Amour * Swing 39 * Souvenir De Villingen * Hesitation * Shine * The Nearness Of You * Stompin' At Decca

Recorded live at Glasgow's Cafe Cossachok, The Tim Kliphuis Trio present a tribute to French jazz master Stephane Grappelli.

This album features compositions by Stephane Grappelli and famous material from Django Reinhardt years.

Tim Kliphuis is an award winning violinist and a legend in the gypsy world.

He is known for his innovative style and his ability to blend effectively classical, gypsy jazz and folk music.

Tim Kliphuis (violin), Nigel Clark (guitar), Roy Percy (bass).

"To Stephane Grappelli (1908-1997), who opened my ears to the world of improvisation." Tim Kliphuis.

"In short, a very beautiful homage to Stephane Grappelli, which will be very much appreciated! This is a Trio to invite to Samois." Francis Couvreux, Djangostation.com.

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