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(December 2016)

10 Tracks: Box N Fiddle Party * The Elevator Blues * Taoist Tale * A Night In Baile Nboc * Down Where The River Flows * Moment In Time * Hector the Hero * Three Miles From Annascaul * Dean Brig O' Edinburgh * You Give Me Your Love.

Tim's first album mainly as a singer with 6 songs and 4 instrumental pieces.

This showcases his talents as a singer/ songwriter and features many special guests including Transylvanian singing star Lizabett Russo, Irish legends Steve Cooney and Dermot Byrne, Gordy Duncan Jr, and more.

Tim Edey (guitar, vocal, bass, melodeon), Steve Cooney (fretless bass), Charlie McKerron (fiddle), Owen Nicholson (pedal steel , electric guitar), Gordy Duncan Jr (drums, percussion), David Griffiths (piano), Gordon Gunn (fiddle), Dermot Byrne (button accordion), Lizabett Russo (vocals), Triona Marshall (harp), Produced by Robin Wynn Evans at Tpot studios in Scotland.

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