The World Pipe Band Championships 2014 - Part 1 CD

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Grade 1 pipe bands recorded live, Glasgow Green August 2014, in order of play.

78th Fraser Highlanders: MSR - Argyllshire Gathering / Caledonian Society Of London / MacAllister's Dirk * MEDLEY - The Founders Club / The Curlew / The Millstead / The Concession / The Fiddler / Fiona MacDonald / Davy Webster's 40th / Founders Reprise.

Scottish Power: MSR - The Conundrum / Blair Drummond / Pretty Marion * MEDLEY - Neil (Tetris) Johnston / The Shaggy Grey Buck / A Flame Of Wrath For Patrick Coagach (Slow Air) / Struan Robertson / An t-Seann Cailleach / Kennedy's Favourite / A Flame Of Wrath For Patrick Coagach (reprise).

Greater Glasgow Police: MSR- The Argyllshire Gathering / The Ewe With The Crooked Horn/ Pretty Marion * MEDLEY- Joe Mackenzie / Flora MacIssac / I Have It Somewhere / Aodann Strathbhain / The Hillocks Of Fernmore/ Sabhal Mor Ostaig / We’re A Case The Bunch Of Us / Tagdhan Ross / The Foxhunters.

Field Marshal Montgomery: MSR - Balmoral Highlanders / John Roy Stewart / Charlie's Welcome * MEDLEY - Rowd's Hornpipe / The High Drive Jig / The Piper's Bonnet / Sine Bhan (Fair Jean) / Rodney Hull Q.C / Lachine Rapids/ Willie MacKenzie's Reel / Smelling Fresh / Pipe Major George Allen.

Canterbury Caledonian Society: MSR - The Clan Macrae Society / Blair Drummond / John Morrison Of Assynt House * MEDLEY - P/M Raymond Bradford / Drew Macintosh /Alan MacPherson Of Mosspark / Lauren's Melody / Miss Drummond Of Perth / The Fiddler / Gravel Walk / The Conundrum.

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