The World Pipe Band Championships 2012 - Part 2 CD

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(October 2012) : Los Angeles Scots USA: P/M Colin Armstrong MSR: The Clan Macrae Society / Dora MacLeod / John McKechnie's Big Reel * Medley: The Borgporp / Senior Bedhead / Who Ate My Chips? / Big Clown Fun Knee /Highland Whisky / Aspen Bank / Ettrick House / Craig Stewart.

Strathclyde Police: P/M Duncan Nicholson MSR: The Links of Forth / Atholl Cummers / McAllister's Dirk * Medley: Dolina MacKay / The Goatherd And The Shepherd / The Gathering / I Ho Ro 'S Na Hug Oro Eile / Rodney Hull QC / Tulloch Gorm / The Lads Of Mull / Ridhle Mo Nighean Donn.

Toronto Police Canada: P/M Ian K MacDonald MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / Blair Drummond / John Morrison Of Assynt House * Medley: Cutting Bracken / Sailing On Top Of The Waves / Rakish Paddy / Other Side Of The World / Sheol Am Bata Fairis A-Null / Highland Laddie / Tripping Through Milan / Cutting Bracken / Rakish Paddy /Cutting Bracken.

St Laurence O'Toole - Eire: P/M Terry Tully MSR: The Highland Wedding / The Shepherd's Crook/ The Smith Of Chilliechassie * Medley: Malcolm Ferguson / The Boys Of The Ballymote / Donald MacLennan's Tuning Phrase / Leaving Ireland / Calum Campbell Of Benbecula / Haydee Grant / Sergeant Murphy's / The Washerwife.

Scottish Power: P/M Chris Armstrong MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / Blair Drummond / John Morrison Of Assynt House * Medley: The Battle Of Waterloo / The Hill of Garvock / Fiona MacDonald / Lord Clyde's Reel / The Primrose Lass / Inverinate House / Ananda Nan Gael / The Foot Tapper.

Simon Fraser University Canada: P/M Terry Lee MSR: The Highland Wedding / Blair Drummond / The Smith Of Chilliechassie * Medley: The Haughs Of Cromdale / 400% / Mrs Donald MacPherson / Alick Cameron Champion Piper / Lexy McAskill / The Sleeping Tune / Caber Feidh / 400%.

Cullybackey: P/M Robert Cupples MSR : The Clan MacRae Society / Susan MacLeod / John
McKechnie * Medley: Fair Dinkum / Dunrovin Farm / Standfast / Tune for Tamara / Balmoral Castle / Kirstie MacCallman's Favourite / In and Out Of The Harbour / Gilligan's Singing Pipes.

Featuring both MSR and Medley performances from the final of the 2012 Grade 1 event (in order of play).

The World Pipe Band Championships have been operating regularly since 1930, when the Scottish Pipe Band Association (today known as the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association) was formed. For competitive bands, the title of World Champion is highly coveted, and this event is seen as the culmination of a year's worth of preparation, rehearsal and practice.

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