The Urban Folk Quartet

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(May 2010) 11 tracks (48 mins): Upstart / Platform 2 * Stoney Steps / Paddy Ryan's Dream / Deadline * Super Off Beat Return * Wedding Dress / The Threading Reel * Suspiro Del Moro * 35 Ways To Dance The News * The Swallow * Perejil Reel / Gamberro / Samba De Ankara * When The Weather Comes * Cajun Beancurd / The Heilanman / Mississippi Sawyer.

Vibrant music born from the unique melting pot of the Birmingham folk scene - fiddles, guitars, mandolin, Oud, Cajon-based percussion and vocals.

The UFQ is virtuosic, not just in feel and technical ability but in musical concept.

Tom Chapman (percussion, vocals), Joe Broughton (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Frank Moon (oud, guitar, vocals) and Paloma Trigas (fiddle, vocals).

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