The Ultimate Guide To Scottish Folk

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(November 2015)

CD1: Into To Hinba (Lau) * Seinneam Cliu Nam Fear Ur (Capercaillie) * Kansas City Hornpipe (Fred Morrison) * Bonnie Bessie Logan (Dougie MacLean) * The Bluebell Polka (Jimmy Shand) * Zito The Bubbleman (Ceolbeg) * Cha d'Fhuair Min Cadal ( Mischa MacPherson Trio) * Will Ye Go Tae Flanders (Mick West) * Sleepy Maggie (Ashley MacIsaac) * MacCrimmon's Lament (Heather Heywood) * Happed In Mist (Michael Marra) * A' Fighe Le Feur (The MacKenzie) * When Harry Met Shelly (Angus MacKenzie) * Reynardine (Archie Fisher) * Helen Of Kirkconnel (The Iron Horse) * The Cascade Set (Blazin' Fiddles) * No Gods And Precious Few Heroes (Dick Gaughan) * Fix You (Live) (Red Hot Chilli Pipers) * Nae Regrets (Martyn Bennett).

CD2: Brucie And The Troopers (Slàinte Mhath) * I'm Gonna Do It All (Karine Polwart) * Nighean Donn a' Chuailein Rìomhaich (Alasdair Fraser) * Scots Wha Hae (Isla St. Clair) * Just For Seamus (Gordon Duncan) * Solus M'Aigh (Arthur Cormack) * Colla Mo Rùn (Skipinnish) * Passing Away (Paul Mounsey) * The Tryst (Live) (Sheena Wellington) * B'e Sud An Gille Truagh (Ossian) * Thig an Smeòrach As t-Earrach (Ishbel MacAskill) * Proud To Play A Pipe (Breabach) * The Day Dawn (Aly Bain) * 'S e an Tighearna Mo Bhuachaille (Kenna Campbell) * The Old Boys (Runrig) * Salute To Frank Ferrell (Archie McAllister) * Toom Tabard (Saor Patrol).

A wide ranging double album, which with the help of a stellar cast of artists showcases all aspects of Scottish traditional music.

Compiled with the help of Mary Ann Kennedy.

Liner notes by Mary Ann Kennedy..

"The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk co-compiled by Julia Beyer and Mary Ann Kennedy the double disc CD contains 36 tracks in just over 2.5 hours of music. The idea was to show the evolution of Scottish music by showcasing tracks from talented artists over the years. Traditional music and contemporary songs include Jimmy Shand right up to Lau." Robbie Shepherd.

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