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(October 2019)

The Lochgoilhead Fiddle workshop presents a collection of over one hundred traditional fiddle tunes

'The Tune Book' reflects the tutors and the catchment area of their members (mainly Cowal and mid-Argyll) along with other local connections – piping, composers, titles named for people or places in the area.

Included in the book is 'The Loch Goil Collection' a unique selection of six fiddle tunes composed by Henry Maughan with an accompanying cd.

Edited by Evie Campbell and Alison Duncan.

Airs: Air For Jo
By The River Aora
Caol Muile
Chrodh Chailean
Coilsfield House
Da Auld Rocking Chair
Da Slockit Light
Gleann Bhaile Chaoil
Ballachulish Glen
Hector The Hero
Lament For King George V
Lament for Sir Harry Niven Lumsden
Bart Of Auchindair
Maids Of Arrochar
Maighdeannan Na H-airigh (The Sheiling Song)
Margaret Ann Robertson
Mrs Helen N Robertson
Shingly Beach
Sine Bhan
The Grey Seal's Lament For Its Pup
The Heroes Of Longhope
The Lea Rig
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament For Red Iain)
Lament For Red Ian

Callum Millar Of Stillaig
Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome To The Northern Meeting
Cruden Bay
Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban
Dr Flora MacAulay Of Carradale
Far O'er Struy
Father Angus MacDonnel
Father John MacMillan Of Barra
Flett From Flotta Glendaruel Highlanders
Home To The Kyles
Kyles Athletic Shinty Club
Lord Lovat's Lament
24th Guards Brigade At Magersfontein
The Highlander's Revenge
The Lochs And Kyles Of Cowal
The Shoemaker
The Seige Of Delhi
The Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel
Chateau-neuf-du Pape
Jack Bain

An Cleasaiche
Billy's Strathspey
Captain Campbell
Cutty's Wedding
Inveraray Castle
Morag Haig Thomas
Phil And Margaret's Golden Wedding
The Argyll Fiddler's Strathspey
The Slippery Path
The Warlocks
Val's Strathspey


Inveraray Cross
Kate And Pudding
Kelo House
McKechnie's Farewell
Mrs McGhie's Reel
Napkin Tune
Och Id Duine Truagh Mi
'Sioma Rud A Chunna Mi
The Cot House
The High Road To Linton
The Silver Spear
Trip To Pakistan
Waiting For The Federals

Calliope House
Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
Fosgail An Doras
Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong
Leaving LFW
O'er The Hills To Inveraray
The Gael
The Hills Of Glenorchy

Adam And Ali's Waltz
Bert Mackenzies' 70th Birthday Waltz
Mary Mackenzie's 70th Birthday Waltz
Farquhar And Hetty's Waltz
Glen Massan
Midnight On The Water
The Rest And Be Thankful
Waltz For Jack
Whistlefield Waltz

Crossing The Minch
Linda's Dance
Mary Weep No More For Me
Sweet Tibble Dunbar
Tatties On The Manfold
The Black Rock
The Hopeful Lover
The Lover O' Da Isles
The Old Smiddy
The Water Is Wide
The Westcoaster
The Wren

The Loch Goil Collection ( Henry Maughan, Composer)
The Hills Of Carrick
Drimsynie Beg
Peggy Thomson Of Loch View
John McPherson
The Barclay Polka
Willie McNichol

"It has been my privilege, first as a member, then a secretary, and today as chair, to take part in the development of Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop, now based in Strachur. 2012 saw our 10th Anniversary, and we determined then to celebrate it by publishing this collection. This book therefore marks fifteen years of learning and playing the fiddle by ear, in the traditional way. It is vital to traditional Scottish music that this method of learning tunes should thrive, as a means by which the liveliness and organic inventiveness, not to mention the fun, of the music and playing are communicated and developed, particularly in small communties. One aim of this book is to relect the wealth of traditional music composed and played in Argyll. Many of the tunes refer to local people and places and the pieces have all been chosen by members of our workshop." Evie Campbell, Chair of LFW@Strachur.

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