The Tom Anderson Collection Volume 2

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(November 2020)

The second collection of 70 compositions from Shetland fiddler and composer Tom Anderson.

Volume 2 contains a total of 70 compositions comprising 9 slow airs, 11 marches, 5 hornpipes, 23 reels, 9 waltzes, 4 strathspeys and 5 jigs, together with some miscellaneous pieces.

Bowings and chord symbols are provided for all the tunes. The bowings are based for the most part on Tom Anderson's own manuscript instructions.

Foreword by Aly Bain
Introduction by the Shetland Musical Heritage Trust
Slow Airs:
Calder's Geo
Da Auld Planti Crub
Da Lonely Smisslen
Da Mousa Broch
Myra's Tune
Sue Breck
The Corner Stone
The Crying Taing

Da Ness Postie
Loch Of Houlland
Miss Anne Moulton's Welcome Home
'MV Pacific'
Queen Margaret College
Skerries Wedding
Shetland Pipers
The Drongs
The Gill
The Lazy Duck

Alayne's Reels
Alice's Fancy
Black Brig
Come Awa' In
Da Dale Geo
Da Piltick Waand
Da Widden Clog
Frank R. Jamieson's Reels
Grace Dolina Stewart
Grind Of The Navir
Hill Dacks O' Gremister
Hillswick Ness
Hurlock Reels
Light Ida Lum
Muckle Ossa
Peerie Magnie O'Casho
Singing Willie Sinclair
Skerry Of Eshaness
The Auld Sawpit
The Helendale Dancer
The Kirn
The Tail O'Da Heog

Fiona's Tune
Ingrid's waltze
Katherine's Waltzes
Louise Marie
Paula's Waltz
Stella's Waltz

Slow Strathspey & Reel medley
Tom Anderson's Compliments to Willie Moffat Of Girvan

Clan Hay Gathering
East Bode
Francis T Robertson

Da Strings Ida Ossie

Hole Of The Loop
Jim Halcrow
Stirling University
Town Hall Brae

Da Heggrie (Heron)
George P.S. Peterson
Shetland's Salute To Her Majesty
Wir Wendy

Davie Robertson

Notes on music

Paperback (44 pp)

" Welcome to the second volume of tunes Tom Anderson left unpublished at the time of his death in September 1991... His love of fiddle music and his unshakeable belief in the native culture of our islands has assured him a special place in the history and future of Shetland music. He inspired people... all over Shetland and beyond to play and appreciate traditional music". Aly Bain MBE.

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