The Tartan Scottish Box Set

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(May 2019)

CD1 - Scotland's Great Highland Bagpipes: 20 Tracks: 2/4 Marches (Denny And Dunipace Pipes And Drums) * Slow Air And Jigs (Black Watch) * The Green Hills Of Tyrol (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards) * March, Strathspey And Reel (Caledonian Heritage Pipes And Drums) * Walrus - Selection (Royal Irish Regiment) * The Banks Of The Lee - Selection (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards) * Scots Wha Hae - Selection (P/M Jim Motherwell, Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders) * Colin's Cattle - Selection (Black Watch) * Lochanside (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards) * Amazing Grace - Selection (Denny And Dunipace Pipes And Drums * Military Selection (Caledonian Heritage Pipes And Drums * 6/8 Selection (Black Watch ) * Oft In A Stilly Night (Royal Irish Regiment) * Monymusk - Selection (Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders) * Strathspeys And Reels (Denny And Dunipace Pipes And Drums) * The Muckin' O'Geordie's Byre (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards) * The Piper's Prayer - Selection (P/M Steven Small (Black Watch) * Waltz Selection (Caledonian Heritage Pipes And Drums) * The Glendaruel Highlanders (The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards) * Auld Lang Syne - Selection (Caledonian Heritage Pipes And Drums).

CD2 - Scottish Top 20 Songs: 20 Tracks: Donald Where's Your Trousers (Andy Stewart) * Flower Of Scotland (The Mill Weavers) * Grannies Heilin' Hame (Ann Williamson) * Scots Wha Hae (North Sea Gas) * Caledonia (The Alexander Brothers) * Glencoe (The Mill Weavers) * I Belong To Glasgow (Lou Grant) * Bonnie Kirkwall Bay (Jim MacLeod) * The Dark Island (Leigh Garden) * Roses Of Prince Charlie / Old Rustic Bridge / Scotland The Brave (Valerie Dunbar) * The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen (The Mill Weavers) * Scotland Forever (Sydney Devine) * The Skye Boat Songs (The Marlettes) * Amazing Grace (Ann Williamson) * I Love A Lassie / Roamin' In The Gloamin' / Keep Right On To The End Of The Road (Bill McCue) * The Road And The Miles To Dundee (Andy Stewart) * Loch Lomond (Mary Cameron) * Mull Of Kintyre (The Mill Weavers) * My Ain Folk (Valerie Dunbar) * Auld Lang Syne (The Alexander Brothers).

CD3 - Ceud Mile Failte: 20 Tracks: Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree / Bonnie Galloway / The Old Rustic Bridge (Denny And Dunipace Pipes And Drums) * A Hundred Thousand Welcomes (Grant Frazer) * The Bluebell Polka (Stuart Anderson) * The Road And The Miles To Dundee / The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen / I Belong To Glasgow (Highland Fiddle Orchestra) * Wark O' The Weavers (North Sea Gas) * Ae Fon' Kiss (Bill Garden Orchestra) * Bonnie Kirkwall Bay / The Roses Of Prince Charlie / Miss Linda McFarlane / Macrostie Park (Jim MacLeod And His Band) * The Barren Rocks Of Aden / Highland Laddie / Mhairi's Wedding / The Black Bear (Denny And Dunipace Pipes And Drums) * Highland Cathedral (Leigh Garden) * Dumfries Polka (Addie Harper Trio) * Mull Of Kintyre / Amazing Grace (The Marlettes) * Annie Laurie (Bill Garden Orchestra) * Ballad Of Glencoe (Jim MacLeod) * I Love A Lassie / Roamin' In The Gloamin' / Just A Wee Deoch And Doris / Stop Your Tickling Jock / Keep Right On To The End Of The Road (Stuart Anderson) * Dancing In Kyle (Alasdair Gillies) * Dark Lochnagar / Jock O' Hazeldean / We'd Better Bide A Wee (Banchory Strathspey And Reel Society) * The Jacqueline Waltz (Stuart Anderson) * Mist Covered Mountains / Cailin Mo Ruinsa / Westering Home (Calendonian Heritage Pipes And Drums) * My Ain Folk (Mary Cameron) * Auld Land Syne (Culture Ceilidh Band).

3 CD collection of music of Scotland featuring Singers, Band and Pipers performing many of Scotland's best loved tunes and anthems.

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