The Susie Simpson Trio - Our Favourite Scottish Country Dances

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15 Tracks: Auchinellan Jig (8x32 J) * Trip To Bavaria (4x32 R) * St Columba's Strathspey (5x32 S) * Neil M Grant (8x32 J) * Mhairi's Wedding (8x40 R) * Butterscotch And Honey (4x32 S) * Napier's Index (8x40 J) * Staircase To Styria (5x40 R) * MacDonald Of Keppoch (M 64S+64R) * EH3 7AF (8x32 J) * Reel Of The 51st Division (8x32 R) * Firth O' Clyde (3x32 S) * Pelorous Jack (8x32 J) * Autumn In Appin (4X32 S) * Shiftin Bobbins (8x32 R).

The second CD release of a series of three from The Susie Simpson Trio.

Take the floor with the Susie Simpson Trio and enjoy their favourite Scottish Country Dances.

Susie Simpson (lead accordion), Jock Fraser (second accordion), Gillian Stevenson (fiddle).

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