The Susie Simpson Scottish Dance Band

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16 Tracks: Grand March: The Hills Of Mull / The Argyll Arms Ceilidh * Two-Step: Murd And June The Fiddlers / Sheena Kelman / Jock Stephen The Drummer * Irish Waltzes: The Star Of Logy Bay / County Longford / Peter Ambelay * Retreat Marches: The Banks Of Allan Water / P/M J.K Cairns / The Festival March / Cullen Bay / Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain * 2/4 Marches: The Angel's Share / Dr John Kennedy's Farewell To Riverside / Redondo Beach * Solo Medley: Donella McDonald Of Bunavulan / Jackson's * Crackin' Reels * Set Of Jigs * Slow Waltz * 6.8 Marches * Schottisches * Something Different * Quicksteps * Memories Of Addie Harper * Waltz * Reels.

A super debut album from Susie Simpson Scottish Dance Band, contains a wide range of music to suit all tastes.

Susie Simpson is originally from Thurso, Caithness although since 1999 based in Inverness.

Susie and her band are regular performers at fiddle and accordion clubs, various gigs and events in the area.

Alyn Ross, Inverness arranged and played keyboard for Track 12.

Produced by Derek Hamilton of Bryan's Room Recordings.

Susie Simpson (accordion, piano, whistle), Gillian Stevenson (fiddle), Jock Fraser (2nd Accordion), Heather Donaldson (drums), Sheena Kelman (piano).

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