The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Spirit Of The Northern Sky

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(November 2013)

19 tracks

Another collection of tunes from the massed musical ranks of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

Tribute To The Maestro: March (John M Mason) / Strathspey (27 Victoria Drive) / Reel (The Click)
Jigs: Burnin' Bracken / The Dufftown Rally / The Angel's Share / The Trip to Kelso
March: Willie Kidd's Welcome to Orkney
Polka: The Fairy Nuff
Pipe Marches: Here's to the Pipes / My Home / The Barren Rocks of Aden / Bonnie Dundee / The Black Bear
Reels: Shiftin' Bobbins / Elegant Esther Gray / Highland Lassie / Ellenbrook
The Huntsman's Jigs: Caroline Lambie / Foremannoch / Queen's Pudding for the Teacher / La Belle Danseuse
The Circassian Circle: Original / The Drapperaff Hornpipe / Storer's Hornpipe / Threave Cottage
Highland Barn Dance: Lord MacDonald of MacDonald (Kinloch Lodge) / Captain Horne
The Sleeping Warrior
Reels: Tapping Toes / Evelyn's Reel / The Road to Kettle / The Best O' Twa
Two Step: The Lord Lieutenant
Polka: The Furry Boots
Reel: The Deil's Fiddle
The Rose of Galloway
Hornpipes: The Handsome Ploughboy / The Chester / The Steam Boat / A Traditional Hornpipe / Miss Gayton's
Reels: The Black Dance / Glen Buchat Lodge / Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff / Cairney Mount
Jigs from the Gow Collections: Grace Hay's Delight / Drummond Castle / Peggy's Wedding / Bung Your Eye / Money in Both Pockets
MacPherson's Farewell

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