The Ronald Anderson Band - In Tune With Tradition

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(February 2016)

16 Tracks: The Six Twenty Two Step * My Old Man Said Follow The Van / Beer Barrel Polka * Alice's Return To Scapa Flow / Swinging With The Eighties * C M Hall / Iris Nicolson's Favourite * Dreaming * Johnny O' Johnny / Chicago * Mrs Macleod Of Raasay / The Fairy Dance / Snouts And Ears * The Beeswing Hornpipe / Bachelors Reel / Toe Reid * The Fiery Sessions March / Drumloist * Quendale Bay * Dr James Donaldson / Glencoe March * As Time Goes By * Shetland Fisherman's Backstep * Aly's Waltz / Kate Martin's Waltz * Jackie Coleman / Da Alamootie / Blaydon Flats * The Sixty Fathom Reel / Spooterskerry / The Road To Holliegarth.

A long awaited second album from one of Orkney's most popular dance Bands.

Staying true to their traditions, this album showcases strong driving dance music in the old Orkney style.

Ronald Anderson (accordion), Erika Sheare (fiddle) Steven Flett (keyboard and bass), Colin Wilson (drums)

"Accordionist Rondald Anderson expertly leads his high calibre band on this terrific new studio album. This renowned and much loved Orcadian outfir bring us tightly twinned box and fiddle melodies, driven by rousing rhythnmic beat. The traditional music enthusiast, looking ofr a refreshing and unique glimpse of the finest Orkney has to offer, will not be disappointed." Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley.

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