The Queen's Royal Pipers - Journey Of The Scottish Pipes

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(October 2009) 15 tracks (55mins): Far O'er The Sea / Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Toon / The Meeting of the Waters * A Salute To The Royal Fendersmith * Mrs Ian MacLean / Inverary Castle / Alex C MacGregor * Molly Malone / The Jolly Beggar Man / Paddy McGinty's Goat / Cork Hill / Oft In The Stilly Night / St Patrick's Day / The Wearing Of The Green * The Flowers Of The Forest / The Battle of the Somme * Miss Elspeth Campbell / Arniston Castle * Kalabakan * Slaves Of Nabucco * 24th Guards Brigade At Anzio / The Argylls Crossing the River Po * The Wee Spree * Largo * The Dark Island / Miss Kirkwood / Leaving Lismore * Lady Lever Park / Struan Robertson / Kirsty MacCallman's Favourite / Bessie McIntyre / Loch Maree / Wee Pat * Our Ain Fireside * Alien Pipes * Highland Laddie / Teribus.

An eclectic selection of tunes played by top pipers - pipers good enough to be appointed as 'The Queen's Piper'.

As well as the expected Scottish tunes there are several Irish tunes, and versions of Verdi's Slaves Of Nabucco and Handel's Largo.

This journey takes you on a musical meander beyond Scotland and the shores of Britain. The melancholy and haunting sounds of The Wee Spree contrast with the powerful and beautiful music of Ireland - thence to France for a tribute to the fallen of two World Wars, and to Italy for a Highland version of Verdi.

Includes booklet information in English, Spanish, French and German.

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