The Music And Song Of The Great Tapestry Of Scotland

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(November 2012) 40 tracks: CD1: Orkney (The Gordon Gunn Band) * O Pater Patriae (The Monks of Pluscarden Abbey) * Clann Domhnaill An Cogadh Righ Tearlach / MacDonald's March To The Wars (Margaret Stewart) * Skyedance (Alasdair Fraser, Bannockburn) * Willie Hunter (Leaving Lerwick Harbour) * Flowers Of The Forrest (Cpl. Neil McNaughton) * The Toun O'Prestonpans (The Infants Of Prestonpans Primary School) * Kinmont Willie (Ross Kennedy) * The Massacre Of Glencoe (Alastair McDonald) * Dreams Of Darien (The Paul McKenna Band) * Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation (Rod Paterson) * 'S Muladach Mi's Air M' Aineol (Bannal) * Bonnie Prince Charlie (The McCalmans) * Duthaich MhicAoidh / Mackay Country Sutherland (Kathleen MacInnes) * Burke and Hare (Robin Laing) * Ae Fond Kiss (Gill Bowman) * Old Minmore (Robin Laing) * The Forth Bridge Song (Robin Laing) * Flower of Scotland (The Scottish Rugby Grand Slam Team of 1990) * Muir And The Master Builder (Brian McNeill).

CD2: Coinneamh Nan Croitearan / The Crofter's Meeting (Catherine-Ann MacPhee) * Tusitala (Benny Gallagher) * If It Wisnae For The Union (Hamish Imlach) * No Man's Land / The Greenfields Of France (Eric Bogle) * Oran Nan 'Iolaire' / Song Of The Iolaire (Catherine-Ann MacPhee) * The Beaches of St Valery / Elizabeth Clare (The Battlefield Band With Davy Steele)* The Ballad of The D-Day Dodgers (Rod Paterson) * The Hebrides - Fingal's Cave Overture (The Scottish National Orchestra) * The Jeely Piece Song (Adam McNaughtan) * Who Pays The Piper (The McCalmans) * Letter From America (The Proclaimers) * Pack Up Your Tools and Go (Robin Hall And Jimmie MacGregor) * Our Glens (Scotland The What?) * Both Sides The Tweed (Dick Gaughan) * Ally's Tartan Army (Andy Cameron) * Blantyre (Alex Hodgson) * Canan Nan Gaidheal (Catherine-Ann MacPhee) * A Man's A Man For A' That (Sheena Wellington) * The Wild Geese (Jim Reid) * An Ataireachd Ard (Ishbel MacAskill).

A double album of songs and music released by Greentrax in association with The Great Tapestry Of Scotland.

The Great Tapestry Of Scotland is currently being stitched on panels designed by the artist Andrew Crummy, and will go on exhibition in 2013.

The Tapestry, which will be longest in the world when complete, has been given the stamp of approval by The Scottish Parliament. Greentrax was invited to release a double album of songs and music representing forty of the panels.

The panels represented are in the same order as track listing:

CD1: The Ring Of Brodgar, Orkney * Columba In Iona * Lordship Of The Isles * Battle Of Bannockburn * Orkney And Shetland Ceded By Denmark To Scotland * Flooden * Scottish Reformation, A School In Every Parish * The Border Reivers, Rescue Of Kinmont Willie * The Massacre Of Glencoe * The Darien Scheme * The Act of Union, Edinburgh * Advance Of English, Retreat Of Gaelic * Jacobite Rising At Prestonpans * Highland And Lowland Clearances Begin * The Forth And Clyde Canal Dug * Robert Burns * George Smith Founds The Glenlivet Distillery * The Railway Boom, The Forth Bridge * Scottish Rugby Union Founded * Scottish America Emigrants' Impact.

CD2: Battle Of The Braes * Robert Louis Stevenson * Scottish Trade Union Congress Formed In Glasgow * The 1914-18 War * Sinking Of The Iolaire * 2nd World War, St Valery, 51st Highland Division Captured * D-Day * The First Edinburgh Festival * Cumbernauld New Town * North Sea Oil * Pop Music Boom * Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-In * Scottish Comedy * The Rise of The SNP * Scotland's World Cup Campaign In Argentina * The Miner's Strike 1982 * Gaelic Resurgence * The Scottish Parliament Re-Convenes * Map of Scotland * The Surge of The Sea.

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