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(September 2018)

The MacAndrew Collection a valuable collection of Scots Fiddle Music.

This book contains the musical compositions of Hector MacAndrew with introduction, quotes and notes on the 102 tunes by Pat MacAndrew and edited Doug Veitch.

Includes such classics as 'Gight Castle', 'Mrs J.H. Alexander'and 'Mr J.H. Alexander'.

Hector MacAndrew 1903-1980

Paperback (68 pp)


Foreword by Harry Smith.

Introduction by Doug Veitch.

Slow Airs and Laments: Oldwood Cottage * Mrs George Morrison * The Scent O' The Birks * Farewell To Strathnaver * Mrs Elsie MacAndrew * Ythanside * Shielin Tor * Johnnie Morrison * Farewell To Oldwood * The Falls Of Bruar * Alison Smith * The Linn O' Dee * The Laverocks' Farewell * Mrs Robert Pithie * Dr Lorna Kellas * Mrs Bob Munro * Mrs Nan Smith * Pitmurchie House * Fingal's Cave * Auchindoun Castle * The Bullers O' Buchan * The Cairns Of Culloden * Mrs J J Alexander Of Abbotsford Park * Gight Castle * Lament For John McCormick * Lament For J S Milne Of Wardhouse * Lament For P C Fisher Of Auchtertool * Lament For Iain Cockburn Esq MA * Lament For Morag.

Slow Strathspeys: George Morrison * Peter Milne's Style * The Shelter Stone * Mill Of Tifty * Harry Smith Esq MA * The Lake Of Fyvie.

Marches: Donald Morrison, PM Aberdeen City Police * The Glenfinnan Monument * PM Alex Stewart * Blair Castle * Strathnaver * Kilianan cottage * The Pass Of Corrieyairack * Rhona MacAndrew * By Banvie Side * Mr Menuhin's Welcome To Blair Castle * David McMartin of Cults * The Laird's Walk * Welcome To Colin MacAndrew * Mrs Marjory MacAndrew * The Mither Tap * Duncan Veitch * Jimmy Cockburn * Johnnie Watt Frae Mintlaw.

Strathspeys: Miss Florence Mair * John Geddes Of Brackanenthem * Peter MacAndrew * The Prop Of Ardevin * The White Horse Of Mormond * Aikey Brae * Inverythan * Elizabeth Adair * The Falls Of Muick * Gairnside * Mrs Maurice Cramb * The Dancing Bow * Miltonbrae * Mrs Ferguson Of Rothiebrisbane * The Pass Of Ballater * The Braes Of Gight * John Cameron Of Fassfern * The Boat House.

Reels: Burnside Of Forglen * The Flight To Orkney * The Skeuch Burn * Carradale Cottage * The Ivy Bridge * Parkburn * The Mill Of Gairn * Craigendarroch * Lagganside * The Tattie Cairt * Willie Ferguson Of Rothiebrisbane * Robert Pithie * Cultercullen * Fassfern House * Bob Munro * The Broom Hill * Coylum Bridge * The Falls Of Ythan * The Grey Mare's Tail * Dr Lowery (Trinity College, London) * The Shakkins O' The Pockie * The Shakkin' Briggie * The Grey Man Of Ben Macdhui * Mr J H Alexander.

Hornpipes: Rothievale.

"...a man who devoted a lifetime to the art and who, by his magnificent playing, inspired so many others who play the fiddle in the Scottish style." Ron Gonella.

"Surely this man Hector must be one of the most beloved of men, for he spoke with the voice of his people. He brought alive their heritage, their feelings and their experiences - all of these he represents - and to me ofcourse, he was the voice of Scotland. I met this man and heard him play, I knew I was in the presence of Scottish history." Yehudi Menuhin.

"Everything he played he played with feeling. After I heard him playing 'Auld Robin Gray' I never played it again! his music will live forever." Willie Hunter.

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