Isles FM - The Long Journey

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(March 2009) 20 tracks: I'm A Rover (The Great Big Sea) * Faileas Air An Airigh (Runrig) * Jack And Barney's Chopsticks (Red Hot Chilli Pipers) * Jimmy Shand's On The Wireless (Big Elastic Band) * Angel (Sarah Macaskill) * Maggie McCloud (Mick Flavin) * Love Is Blind (The MacDonald Brothers) * I Loved Her (John Hogan) * Sweet Forget Me Not (The Great Big Sea) * Rattlin' Bog (The Irish Descendants) * Share The Darkness (Face The West) * Uncle Dan (The Irish Descendants) * Knocklayde Mountain (T J Stewart & Brenda Mulgrew) * Say You Love Me (T R Dallas) * Sound The Pibroch (Tom Sloss) * Deid Fish And Diesel (Gaberlunzie) * Fields Of Gold (Kirsty Mackenzie) * Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice (Hamish Imlach) * A Chailin Aluinn (MacTalla) * Feel So Near (Dougie MacLean).

Another compilation from Isles FM, Community Radio for the Western Isles.

Featuring artists as diverse as Runrig, The Great Big Sea, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Big Elastic Band, Sarah MacAskill, Mick Flavin, The MacDonald Brothers, John Hogan, The Irish Descendants, Face The West, T J Stewart & Brenda Mulgrew, T R Dallas, Tom Sloss, Gaberlunzie, Kirsty Mackenzie, Hamish Imlach, MacTalla and Dougie MacLean.

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