The Jim Mackay Scottish Dance Band

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(November 2013)

19 tracks - Reel: La Russe / Good Humour / Sands Of Burrafirth * Jigs: Dags Of Craighouse / Shetland Boston / Farmers Jubilee * Silent Valley * 2/4 Marches: Tommy Macdonald of Barquillean / Major David Macqueen * Primrose Polka * Old St Pauls * Reel: Shiftin Bobbins / Jean Kirkpatricks Fancy / Margo MacBeath Of Nairnside / Caddam Woods * 6/8 Marches:Ronnie Douglas's Compliments To Morris Grant / Dr Ross's 50th Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering * Hornpipe: The Honeysuckle / The Man From Newry / Whisky Your The Devil / Tomorrow Morning * Waltz: George MacBeth The Doll 80th Birthday * Jig Marjory Duffields Jig / Elizabeth Adair / Mrs Grace Bowie / Kathleen's Fancy * 4/4 Marches: Donald's Joyce (Choice) / Catherine Mackays Button Box Gathering / Jock Stephen's Visit To Redwood * Waltz: Swarthouse Primroses * Reel: Eight Men Of Moidart / Elizabeth Purcells Favourite / Jessie Stewarts Welcome To Dufftown * 2/4 Marches: Major Manson Of Clachantrusal / Parrdeburg * Waltz: Broken Branches * Jig: Let The Hackles Rise / The Quarryman / Juniper Jig * Waltz: Primrose Valley / Road Yo Applecross * Pipe Medley: Sandy MacLennan / Ronald MacNicol Esq / Roddie Ross Of Brora.

Nineteen quality tracks from this three-generations family band originally from Caithness.

Established in 1957, the Jim Mackay Dance Band have been taking their music all over the country from Orkney to Newcastle and Aberdeen to the Western Isles.

Jim Mackay is the band leader and is a well known accordion teacher in Inverness.

Jim Mackay (accordion button key), Graeme Mackay (accordion button key) Matthew Maclennan (2nd accordion piano key), Tom Mackay (drums), Bill Ewan (piano, bass).

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