The Hut People - Picnic

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(April 2012) 14 tracks: Shoes In Black * Bok Espok * Horseshoe Harbour * A Travers La Vitra * Marvaerk * Brenda Stubbert's Set * Harry And Mila's Set * One For Lily * Shepherds Hey * Anto's Cajun Cousins * Waulking * Feria De Mangaio * Siege Of Delhi * Bouree.

They perform a high-octane unique blend of home-grown tunes mixed with British, Nordic and European folk music.

Perfectly formed and embellished with driving accordion and a mind-boggling array of exotic percussion.

"If you think accordion and percussion is an uninspiring combination, you haven’t heard The Hut People. With their quirky take on tunes from a range of countries and cultures, their latest CD Picnic is guaranteed to grab your attention." Shelley Rainey.

Sam Pirt (accordion), Gary Hammond (percussion), Alan Jones (electric bass).

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