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(October 2014)

14 Tracks: McCusker's * Vasen * One For Louise * Polska Efter Hins Lars * Las Ramblas * Fife And Drum * Cabinet Of Curiosity * Jean's Hut In The Bog * Stor * Karen's Birthday Tune * Pitziak * Latvian Tune * Song For Chris * Lucy Farr's.

A third album from from the hugely entertaining duo, The Hut People with a plethora of folk tunes from around the world.

One of the most engaging acts on the folk circuit showcasing folk music from North America to Europe, Scandinavia and British Isles.

The Hut People are Sam Pirt (accordions) and Gary Hammond (percussion).

"Since first hearing these guys back in 2010, I've heard phrases like 'quirky bordering on bonkers' or 'nothing prepares you for this' used to describe their sound – for me, the best I can Cabinet of Curiosities the hut people come up with is 'the epitome of eclectic'. For a slice of folk that encompasses 'something completely different' and more besides, you could do little better than listen to The Hut People. With a world-spanning source of influences mixing traditions from Britain to Scandinavia with Eastern European to Africa, added to a selection of self-penned tunes and arrangements brought to life through a mix of accordion-driven energy allied to an overwhelming assortment of percussion, you have their latest album 'Cabinet of Curiosities." Tim Carroll, Folkwords.

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