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(February 2018)

CD 1- 17 Tracks: Keep It Down * Brazilian Blend * I'll Be Your Baby Tonight * Hoo Haa * Self Pity Waltz * Rattle Of A Simple Man * Misty Again * In That Dress * Five Years And Just One Day * Falling Apart * Shoplifting * Teach Jeasus * Old Film And Tickets (Lordy Lordy) * Martha And Vernon * Moby Marly * Beaujolais Nouveau * Falling Apart.

CD2 -14 Tracks: That's What I See * Triangle * Magic Journey * Can Of Beans * Future Imperfect * The Skye Bridge Song * Love, Death, Divorce, Prison, Alcohol, Rivers And Trains * Be There * Joanie's Letter * Mary's Luck * Rain * Henryetta * Conduct Of Pigeons * Henryetta.

The Humpff Family Classics Mothers And Fathers albums now as a 25th Anniversary double CD.

Back in the 90s the Humpff Family took the music establishment by storm, leading the Scottish folk-a-billy revolution.

Today 25 years later the band continue to entertain with bucket loads of exuberance, stomping rhythms and lyrical excellence.

This limited edition re-release of 'Mothers' 1992 and 'Fathers' 1994 is repackaged as a two album set collection and features songs that will make you think, smile and dance!

John Coletta and the Humpff Family Revival played at Celtic Connections 2018.

The band's first gig was in Chimmi Chungas, Glasgow, on 23rd April 1987; they were the resident band on the Funny Farm show on STV in 1990-91 and got a record deal on the 24th April 1992 when the band was five years and one day old. Just one year later their first album was number 50 in the US Top 100.

Mothers lineup: John Coletta (vocals ,mandolin), Gavin McComb (vocals, dobro, percussion), Aidan Wilson (vocals. guitar), Malcolm Stevenson (vocals, bass), Victor Carlin (drums), David Crichton (fiddle), Chick Lyall (piano. harmonium), Fraser Spiers (harmonica), Monica Queen (vocals (Tks.5,9&12).

Fathers lineup: John Coletta (mandolin, guitar, banjo, leadvocal), Malcolm Stevenson (bass, vocals), Davy Taylor (dobro,

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