The Hebrideans - Gaidhlig Gu Leor

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(April 2011) 17 tracks: An Druimein Dubh * Over To Dervaig * An T-Seana Ghaidheal * Eilean Arainn * An Ataireachd Ard * Ochoin Cha Taobh Tuillidh * Rankine's Reel * Triath Dhubhaird * Eilean I * Waltz Glencoe * McIntyre Of Tobermory * Argyll Memories * Hebridean Jigs * Gaelic Waltz * Caol Muile * Puirt-A-Beul * Mo Mhathair.

Gaelic songs and tunes recorded in the 70s.

Singers Cathy Fletcher, Islay MacTaggart, Attie McKechnie and Ian Carmichael with the band featuring George Smith (accordion), Norrie Mushet (fiddle), Christine Smith Carey (piano), and Bob Eadie (bass).

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