The Garioch Fiddlers With The Next Generation

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(May 2020)

22 Tracks: Marches * Waltz * Gaelic Schottisches * Fiddle Solo: Finlay Morse * The Kettle Cakewalk * Four Fiddlers' Jigs * March, Strathspey And Reel * Vocal Soloist: Ellie Beaton * Garioch Juniors: Caledonian March Set * Garioch Juniors: Sailing South * Jim Johnstone Reels * Garioch Juniors Fiddle Duet: Rhona Fraser And Tia Morrison * 2/4 Marches * Waltz * Irish Jigs * 6/8 Pipe Marches: Kenneth MacBeath * Canadian Barn Dance * Orkney Waltz Set * Garioch Juniors: Reels * Slow Air * Two-Step * The Gadie Set.

The latest CD from the Garioch Fiddlers Strathspey and Reel Society with conductor Susan Simpson.

Both the senior orchestra and junior section join together on this album.

It also includes upcoming young musicians from a Society which is keen to keep the tradition of Scottish music alive in the Garioch.

This CD features a wide selection of tunes promoting the diversity that is the hallmark of the Society's repertoire as it continues to deliver music in its own style to audiences throughout the Garioch and beyond.

As a showcase of the whole Society, it includes tunes by stalwart accordion player Ian Thow as well as arrangements by current musical director/conductor Susan Simpson and past musical director/conductor Dorothy Ferguson.

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