The Dangleberries - Nae Sleep Tae Regent Street

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(May 2011) 11 tracks: The Screamin' Yab Dabs * Take Yer Mamma Oot * A Moose Or Two An' A Big Caribou * New Shin * Nae Sleep Tae Regent Street * Daddy Cool/Rasputin * Too Boozy * A Man's A Man Fur A' That * Seth's Manky Pan * Valerie * The Meltit Wellie

A band who add bagpipe influences into rock music with a unique blend of vocals, drums and guitars.

The Dangleberries formed in September 2001 and have gone from strength to strength, proving a huge hit with crowds at festivals such as the Wickerman, the Tartan Heart Festival and Loopallu.

Over 18,000 music pilgrims from across the UK swarmed the Galloway hills over the weekend to take part in Scotland's hottest festival. For many, Saturday's performance by The Dangleberries in the Bellhaven Best Tent was one of the true highlights of the festival. The powerful mix of drum and pipes to contemporary classics had the canvas rattling. (Dumfries and Galloway Standard).

Andrew 'Smug' Smith (vocals, percussion, congas), Mungo Henderson (pipes), Alan 'Damage' Ramage (bass guitar, vocals), Dave Arnold (drums, djembe), Annika Jardine (pipes), Ian 'Fenzo' Fenwick (lead guitar,vocals) Annie Davies (percussion) Guy Bryson (tribal drums), Fritz Fraser Henderson (pipes), Paul Kirkwood (Sirdu drums), Shonagh Henderson (pipes), Tommy 'TC' Cannon (Sirdu drums, djembe, congas)

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