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(August 2012) 15 tracks: All God's Creatures * Shoals O'Herring * Dumbarton's Drums * The Portree Kid * Tramps And Hawkers * Turn Ye Tae Me * Jock O' Braidislee * Weep Ye By Atholl * La Di Da Di Dum * The Battle Of Prestonpans * Barrett's Privateers * The Massacre Of Glencoe * The Loch Tay Boat Song * Stirling Brig * Flower Of Scotland.

A brilliant collection of some of the most popular songs from the Corries.

The tracks are compiled in the form of a live concert, in the same way they arranged their performances.

A nostalgic trip to a myriad number of theatres and halls all over the country.

The second in a series of three budget-priced CDs.

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