The Corries - The Compact Collection

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(November 2009) 18 tracks (1h 7mins): Come O'er The Stream Charlie * Macpherson's Rant * Dumbarton's Drums * The Portree Kid * The Roses of Prince Charlie * Shoals O' Herring * The Lammas Tide * Sunday Driver * The Massacre of Glencoe * Ettrick Lady * The Sherramuir Fight * Turn Ye Tae Me * The Bricklayer's Song * Dark Lochnagar * Scotland Will Flourish * King Fareweel * A Man's a Man * Flower of Scotland.

A collection of The Corries' most popular songs - Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson (vocals, bodhrans, combolins)

Although they focussed on traditional songs The Corries are best remembered for their original songs - Roy Williamson's Flower Of Scotland (which has gone on to become Scotland's unofficial national anthem) and Ronnie Browne's The Roses Of Prince Charlie.

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