The Clincarts - A Taste Of Salt

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12 Tracks: The Taste Of Salt * The Venom In Me * The Black Cab * The Nomad Express * Pandora's Pain * Get It Together * The Graft * Trait 2 * Just A Smile * Flowers By The Roadside * My Own Terms * The Old Cliche * The Green Ray.

Clincart Music and The Clincarts are a Glasgow based collective of songwriters and performers.

This album package consists of a CD of quality songs, a Short Story booklet, Audio Book of Davy Clincart's first and very excellent short story "The Coffee Grinder And The Green Ray" (Explicit) with a line dance Backing track and instructions to learn the dance, which Davy professionally created and choreographed.

Audio CD: Shawn Hastings, narrates The Coffee Grinder And The Green Ray which ties in with each of the tracks on the CD.

What happens when every important part of your life disappears instantly. The story, of a relationship breaking up is all too common and painful, but this cuts much deeper. Find out how the man deals with the emotional hurt and the practical realities of survival. Read how the procreation trait kicks in and how chance has the greatest effect of all. Take this physical and mental road trip on The Coffee Grinder and see if happiness can be found.

The Clincarts are a Scottish Americana / Country Rock/ Folk Roots band with many years live and recording experience.

Eddie Brown (lead vocals), Davy Clincart (guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion), Siobhan Glendinning (vocals), Brett Hamlyn vocals), Cal McKinlay (banjo, vocals), Roy Froude (drums).

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