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(May 2012) 13 tracks: Ceud Soraidh, Ceud Slainte * Seat Nan Gillean: Casag Lachdann Ruairidh Ruaidh / Calum Taillear / Na Tri Aonghais * Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhean Dhachaigh * Mugarradh Is Grulainn: Thoir Gille Leat / Tha Fear Am Beinn An T-Slochdain Duibh / Cha Teid Mise Mhugarradh / 'S Ann A' Dol A Ghrulainn * Cnoc Nan Craobh * Seat Nan Nighean: Tha Bainne Chruidh Aig Morag Bheag / Mhorag An Dean Thu Tighinn / Cairistion Nigh'n Eoghainn / Ged Thigeadh Fear Le Buaile Chruidh * Airigh Luachrach Uige * Seat Alasdair: Bean An Droch Nadair / Dh'Fhalbhainn Sgiobalta / A' Mhisg A Chuir An Nollaig Oirnn / Seonaid NicGumaraid / Chuirinn Air A' Phiob E / Fonn Air A' Ghille Dhonn * Fhir a' Chinn Duibh * Sios Dhan An Abhainn * M' Agh Donn: Ged Dh'Fhanadh Crodh Chaich A-Muigh * Seat na Spreidhe: Till An Crodh / Mo Ghealachasach / Brochan Tioraidh / Seann Sithonn / Cha Tig An Latha / An Leannan A Bh' Agam An Uiridh * Uamh An Oir.

An album of songs and mouth music from the Campbell family of singers from Greepe in the Isle of Skye.

Caimbeulaich a Ghnioba, as the family are known in Gaelic, are renowned pipers and singers - a veritable dynasty in the Gaelic world. No less than seven Campbells have won the prestigious Mod Gold Medal.

They grew up in a village where music was a constant companion, emulating the world surrounding them - the sea, the land, work, dancing, love and the village itself. Mary Ann comments: “Music and singing was part of my family life from day one. Mum and Uncle Murdo grew up with music very much as a part of the community and a way of life – you went to visit someone, you had a song; young went to work on the croft, you had a song.”

Kenna Campbell, Seumus Campbell, Maggie MacDonald, Wilma Kennedy (vocals), Mary Ann Kennedy (vocals, clarsach, piano). Guests: Alasdair Fraser (fiddle), Natalie Haas ('cello), Lorne MacDougall (low whistle), James Lindsay (double bass), Finlay Wells (guitar).

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