Còisir Ceann An Tuirc (The Boar's Head Choir) - Deich Bliadhna - Ten Years

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(January 2013) 14 tracks: Thug Mi 'N Oidhche 'N Raoir Sunndach * La Inbhir Lochaidh * Bean A' Chotain Ruaidh * Nach Gorach Mi Gad Chaoineadh * Tioram Air Tir * Iain Ghlinn Cuaich * Theid Me Cuide Ruit * Maighdeannan Na H-airigh * Earraghaidheal Alainn * Duthaich MhicAoidh * Failte Do Eilean Leodhais * An Ataireachd Ard * A Pheigi A Ghraidh * Oran Don Ghunna Dhan B' Ainm NicCoiseim.

A debut album from Coisir Ceann an Tuirc, a prizewinning male voice Gaelic choir from Argyll, in celebration of 10 fun-filled years.

Còisir Ceann an Tuirc (The Boar’s Head Choir) takes its name from the crest of the Clan Campbell, which has its ancestral seat at Inveraray Castle in Argyll.

The CD has 14 tracks, four of the songs were recorded within Inveraray Castle, by permission of choir supporter His Grace, the Duke of Argyll.

The album includes solos by choir members and conductor Joy Dunlop, a successful Gaelic singer in her own right and well-kent Gaelic teacher and broadcaster.

Founded in March 2002 the choir meet in Lochgilphead for regular rehearsals. Many of the choir members travel huge distances from places in Argyll which shows dedication and commitment.

The joy of choral singing and love of Gaelic repertoire is evident. Here's to the next 10 years!

A booklet with background notes on the songs accompanies the CD.

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