The Best of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham vol 2

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(August 2013) 18 tracks: The Music of Spey * Sunset Over Foula / Isles Of Gletness / Starry Night In Shetland * La Ronfleuse Gobel / La Grande Chaine / Gallop De Malbaie * Bonnie Nancy * Major Manson's Farewell To Clachantrushal / The Shinty Referee * Cliff and Viv's Homecoming Waltz / A Waltz For Aly * A Bright Star In Cepheus * The Shores Of Loch Bee / The Headlands / The Floggin' Reel * The Lake Charles Waltz * Cathkin Braes / The Feis Rois Reel / Bob McQuillen's Reel / Sophie's Dancing Feet * The Gentle Light That Wakes Me * Captain Carswell / Mrs Macdonald Of Dunach * Estonian Waltz / La Vie Est Pas Donné / La Bastringue * Annalese Bain / Phil Cunningham's Reel/ Andy Brown's Reel * By Dundas Loch * Seud Nan Ceud Bliadhna / Memories Of Father Angus MacDonell / The Braes Of Dunvegan March * Flat Water Fran * St Ninian's Isle/ Da Wattle O't / John Spence Of Uyeasound.

A second volume of their favourite tracks, from the multi-talented duo Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham.

Phil and Aly have enjoyed a successful musical partnership for over twenty years now.

In August 2004 they released The Best Of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, and by popular demand here is the long awaited second volume.

Aly Bain (fiddle), Phil Cunningham (accordion, whistles, cittern, piano, keyboard.

Guest Musicians: Jenn Butterworth (guitar), Euan Burton (bass), Ian Hardie (bass), Colin MacFarlane (dobro), Anna Massie (acoustic guitar), Stuart Nisbet (dobro), Martin O'Neil (bodhran), Gordon Smith (drums).

"By popular demand, we've finally gotten around to compiling our second volume of favourite tracks. Here they are, digitally remastered for your listening pleaseure! Enjoy!" (Aly And Phil, July 2013).

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