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(October 2000) 12 tracks: An Nighean Dubh / The Dark Haired Girl * Johnny Coughlin * The Hare's Lament * Slan agus Beannacht / Goodbye and Farewell * The Snows They Melt The Soonest * Nansai Og Ni Obarlain / Young Nancy Oberlin * Lord Baker * Dark Horse on the Wind * The Lowlands of Holland * Bonny Greenwoodside * To Fair London Town * The Moorlough Shore.

Dublin's Susan McKeown has made a name for herself in traditional circles with her arresting, moody voice and spot-on harmonies. Lowlands mixes traditional songs in both Irish and English languages with a variety of exotic but subtle world music arrangements.

The musicians she has recruited include premier artists from America, Scotland, India, Africa and China including Glen Moore, Johnny Cunningham, Lunasa and Joanie Madden.

A powerful album from start to finish.

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